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Hi, I’m Atsu, a student writer at DIDI English school.
In this series, I’m going to write review of the intermediate class. I would like you to use this as a reference. Why not join our class.

First, our teacher Kenny chose one useful phrase.
Today’s phrase: Do you carry this …?
This phrase is used daily life in shops.
Below is a conversation between a costumer and a clerk in a shoe shop

Clerk “May I help you ?”
Customer “Hi, I’m trying on in a size 26 cm shoe.”
 “But this is a little tight. Do you carry this in a size 27 cm?”
Clerk “Sure. Let me check our stock”

*” Do you (have/carry) this in a size 27 cm?” These two phrases have the same meaning.

We learned this phrase at the beginning of the class. Then we talked about our shoes.
I was into collecting shoes 2 or 3 years ago. I had a lot of shoes. Every day, I wore different pairs of shoes. They have lasted for a time. But all my shoes are now starting to wear out. I’m having trouble with my old shoes. I think that expensive shoes are worth the price. But my classmate told me that all shoes wear out and I have the choice to buy cheaper ones. Mmm I don’t know which is better…

The next our topic was “Showing an article” All, the students in the class took turns reading out loud discussed the article. We learned some technical terms.
Today’s article: “Smartphone use could be changing the shape of our skulls.” I have heard “straight neck” which means almost the same thing. Our posture is becoming worse because of the use of smartphone. Something came to my mind regarding bad posture. These days I have been crossing my legs. It’s a sign of bad posture. I’m maybe hunched over because of my bad posture. Oh, I’m so tired of writing this review. Shall we do exercise and stretch our backs and necks…
See you at the next review

November 18 2019