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Ordering at Starbucks

Ordering at Starbucks

For many people learning English, ordering food or drinks can be a frightening experience. I would like to introduce some cup sizes and coffee types at Starbucks.

Here are some useful terms

1. Short: extra small size (8 ounce)
1. Tall: small size (12 ounce)
2. Grande: Medium size (16 ounce)
3. Venti: Large size (20 ounce)

Coffee Types:
1. Regular Coffee- Iced or Hot
2. Frappuccino- Coffee with sweetener and sometimes whip cream.
3. Espresso-thick coffee with cream on top.
4. Cappuccino-foamy hot milk mixed with espresso
5. Latte-Hot milk mixed with espresso (no foam)

Order options:
1. Double: 2 shots of espresso
2. Triple: 3 shots of espresso
3. Soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk
4. No foam/Extra foam
5. Extra hot-hotter than usual temperature drink
6. Room for cream-leave some room for cream

How to order
Ex. `Can I have a Tall Ice Coffee with room for cream?`
`Can I have a tall triple latte?`
`Can I have a venti cappuccino with extra foam?`

Kenny Nishizaki