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Learn English through phrases

Many students ask me “How can I learn and remember English?” Living in Japan, many students do not have enough exposure to English and have a difficult time to remember. 1 method is to imagine a situation and learn English phrases.

For example, imagine you want to make a reservation for a hotel room. What will you say?

“I would like to make a reservation for 2.”

“I would like a _______ bed(s)” (King size, Queen size, 2 twin)

“I would like to check in ________ (Example: Dec 8th) and check out________ (Example: Dec 10th)”

What questions would you like to ask?

“What amenities do you have?”

“Do you have a non-smoking room?

“What is the check-in time?”

“What is the check-out time?”

“How much is the room?”

By learning phrases, you have more confidence speaking and learning English. Also, you avoid wasting time trying to connect words together.

Kenny Nishizaki